Unikul Solutions provides vertically integrated software solutions for Global Educational Institutions.

US Office
611 Gateway Boulevard, Suite 120, San Francisco, CA, 94080, USA

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No. 62/63 , Venkatadari Layout, 6th Cross, J.P. Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore – 560078

US Office
611 Gateway Boulevard, Suite 120, San Francisco, CA, 94080, USA

Our Technology

Our Technology

MS Dynamics: Microsoft Dynamics D365 Business Central is fast to implement, easy to configure, and flexible to optimise innovations in product design, development, implementation, and usability.
.Net: Developed by Microsoft, .Net technology is easy to deploy, reliable, and secure with features such as no-impact applications, private components, controlled code sharing, side-by-side versioning, and partially trusted code. The .Net framework makes deployment easier post development.
Portal Technology: While all the complex features are handled at the backend, our Portal simplifies tasks for parents, students, faculty, and administrators. It provides a single point of entry for all end-users.
Mobile Technology:The software can be accessed through an App. It provides Geo-based Attendance recording and brings you information no matter where you are.
Cloud Technology : It redefines information storage and sharing. It has helped our customers transcend the limitations of using physical/on premise set up thus allowing work to continue from anywhere. This has been especially helpful during the pandemic when physical distance from workspace has disrupted continuity for many institutes working on conventional software.
Analytics : Integration with various analytical tools so that customers can get a tighter control over business, is a key feature of our product. It helps increase profitability and chart a new course in an increasingly complex future.

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Unikul Advantages

Customised Solutions

Customized and tailored to solve the most pressing problems in the education and global foundation sector

Web & Mobile Interface

Quick access to information and approvals using user-friendly, web-based portal and mobile app.

Reporting and analytical tools

Integrated to powerful reporting and analytical tools to provide in-depth insights and analysis into the performance of the institution.

End-to-end solution

Our software allows you to manage both academics and campus dynamically, leading to improved efficiency, productivity and resource utilization.
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