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US Office
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For Schools

SLCM for Schools

CampusDynamix© is the world’s leading software product capable of managing the entire student lifecycle of a school education system.
Campus Dynamix, is a Microsoft Dynamics Navision add-on Solution with role based web-portal through which students, teachers, parents and administrators can update and view various information and data that cover the student lifecycle.
It is engineered, tried, and proven as the software system of choice to manage a school, or a group of schools within a trust or district.
Developed in partnership with reputed and high-quality educational institutions, it is embedded with the world leading best practices with the potential to unlock new efficiencies,productivity and cost savings. Today CampusDynamix is the benchmark for School and Campus Management, built to transform educational institutions and take them to the next level.

On-Premise and Customized

In this model we install and customize the system, preferably in the premises of the school, in a phased manner that is spread over a duration, depending on the requirements and coverage of modules.

Cloud Model

The complete solution is available as a pre-configured system for stand-alone or group of schools in a cloud model where users with a browser-based access from any system.
Currently we offer the cloud model in a per-student-per-month subscription based model.
The complete solution alongwith the web based portal can also be deployed in a private cloud model.
By solving this problem and making self-service access through apps easy for the school to use, the following benefits can be derived:
Teachers can focus on instructions in classroom time
Developers can access and build apps using the APIs which reduces complexity and makes integration simpler to handle
It is now easy to setup and pilot new apps

Key benefits of the solution

Increases engagement between parents and teachers
Improve student performance through intervention
at the right time
Provide visibility and transparency of students activities in the class
Solicit feedback from parents to improve the classroom experience
Communicate instantly with students and parents when there is a safety issue.
Avoid confusion by sending out clear messages and announcements.

Product Features

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