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Analytics tool of Campus Dynamix provide the right information to everyone in your school with a cost-effective education analytics solution. Using the business intelligence (BI) tools of Campus Dynamix, all of your users—from the superintendent to classroom teachers—can generate reports and display them through a web browser.

With access to relevant data from multiple sources, they can make better decisions by tracking progress against key performance indicators (KPIs).

 An education analytics solution can help you:

  • Increase student performance. Give teachers and administrators a clear picture of student performance at an individual or group level so they  can adjust instruction accordingly.
  • Make better decisions. Inform routine decisions and long-range strategic planning across all business functions and disciplines with accurate, readily available data.
  • Also, give the right people access to the information that may be locked away in silos.
  • Meet reporting requirements. Quickly and easily generate the reports you need for your school board and local, state, and federal requirements, such as No Child Left Behind (NCLB).
  • Manage budgets more efficiently. Gain a better understanding of projected revenues and expenditures, keep track of your financial health, compare your costs for services (e.g. transportation) to other districts and maximize the amount of your resources that make it to the classroom.
  • Maximize funding opportunities. Improve responses to legislative and grant requests and compliance with the reporting requirements.
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