Harness the benefits of mobility to connect with your employees, partners and customers anytime, anywhere.

In today's dynamic market, which is growing at a rapid pace, mobility is a key area of focus from many enterprises. Most of the corporate businesses are now embracing themselves with new technologies that can shape them to have an edge over the others and stay resilient.

Mobile solutions provide a richer, more personalized experience for your customers by using the full feature set of smart phones or tablets. However, in spite of all the potential benefits, creating mobile systems that are deeply integrated into existing enterprise, infrastructure posses significant IT and operational challenge.

Enterprises are rapidly integrating mobile devices into their IT infrastructure due to the potential business benefits and great user experience mobility can provide. But mobility introduces new risks and threat vectors that hitherto were uncommon.

Four major risks threatening organizations
     •    Loss of devices
     •    Traversing insecure networks
     •    Overlap of personal and official usage of devices
     •    Cloud based data storage and back up services

Secure rollout of mobility requires risk assessment, formulation of mobile security policy and deploying security controls.

Five Aspects of the Mobile Security Program

An enterprise can broadly classify its mobile security program into five distinct categories as listed below:
     •    Mobile security strategy
     •    Mobile security policy
     •    Building a security and management infrastructure to support mobility
     •    Mobile application security
     •    Mobile data protection

Years of research on several enterprises across different industries has helped UNIKUL build a rich knowledge base and expertise of many back-end systems, enabling us to offer differentiated and robust mobile solutions and services.

Our unique solutions & offerings aims at providing reliability, flexibility, and security to mobile device users. The challenge in developing these applications is greater as operating platforms are several, each with its distinctive features.


•    Dedicated user-experience design team: Our passion for providing you with the best solutions is realized through a dedicated user-experience design team that is committed to leveraging the unique native capabilities of each device platform.
•    Experience in working with leading enterprises: We bring significant expertise of the various back-end systems gained from years of deployment with leading enterprises in various industries.
•   Strong Alliance Partnerships: Our strong alliances with leading device vendors on all platforms help us incorporate platform-specific best practices to offer a solution with a rich solution roadmap combined with cutting-edge implementation.

Our mobile application development solutions involve:
    •    Creating Mobile applications and widgets at different platforms such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, ipad, Windows phone 7 and 8 applications.
     •    Application porting (Platform Migration)
     •    Mobile catalogs and m-Commerce - Mobile payment solutions
     •    SMS Push-Pull applications
     •    Mobile websites with XHTML-XP/WAP-WML

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